Height114 cm
Deep55 cm
Weight200 Kg
Width150 cm

The most well-set upright in the IBACH range of pianos, this instrument is perfect for modern
city living, where space is at a premium.
Designed by renowned piano builder Rolf IBACH.
Extremely impressive sound for a small instrument.
Hammerheads made from high quality JAPAN felts.
Unique action design by IBACH Company.
Soundboard Used Spruce wood help to rich bright and warm tone.
The wire are best material of Roselau Companys of Germany.
Elegant pedal design using traditional wooden levers.
The product that used on IBACH B114 lead to enable fast repetition, even when playing pianissimo.
In additions in this piano used upright piano that feel a high level sound to reach clam noise.
The colors are completely shining on black, white, satin and mahogany.