Height102 cm
Deep186 cm
Weight370 Kg
Width148 cm

The model IBACH B186 with a specifications warm and gracious IBACH tone.
The piano has a strong, well-balanced grand piano that, is has an extended soundboard surface area,
which helps create that big sound and present bass.
Sound¬-board area expended. . Structure with a rich and balanced tonal range.
The Wire in model is the best of company Roselau.
All of used materials has wooden handicraft that are climate-resistant, and exclusive SOUNDBOARD are spruce.

Our Solutions

The action has new design which fast and exact touch on UP standard that made of new
Hammerheads made from high quality JAPAN felts.
The B186 reverb effects are amazing sound on small room, medium hall, concert hall and cathedral
that lead to acoustic piano.
Climate-resistant laminated pinblock in combination with a CNC milled iron plate to provide
excellent and long-lasting tuning stability.
Extra large grand piano wheels as standard.
In addition soft-fall system on this piano lid and actual wooden key.
IBACH B186 think about original color black, white, WALNUT and mahogany.