Have you ever thought how Ibach turned into a commercial piano manufacturer brand?

For more than two centuries Piano and Ibach words were banded to each other and this fact owes to no one but “Ibach” who was born in 1766 and stablished a new era in art history.

At first piano for Ibach was an alternative musical instrument to harpsichord which was made inclusively in a modern way for local customers .in 1794, Ibach at the age of 28, launched the first organ’s workshop and shop. Perhaps “Ibach” had played a crucial role in church’s musical instrument pedagogy, it was just after him and under the direction of Rudolph Ibach that the company became famous worldwide. He managed to meet some prominent figures in music cliques like Wagner and Johannes Brahms so that they could utilize Ibach’s piano high quality.

the next generation’s involvement in the World War II didn’t have a great impact on manufacturing musical instruments and by 19920 they increased the factory’s production to 82100 which indicated Ibach’s lineage admirable endeavor and expectations. Under Ibach and by the break of World War II The factory manufactured its 98300th piano.

The Word War II inflicted acute pain on Ibach and the factory was bankrupted but the family didn’t surrender and in the 1952 restarted the factory even more spiritedly.

As another mesmerizing course of actions Ibach’s family supported concerts and musical festivals and cemented their friendship with music moguls and masters including Bela Bartok, Richard Strauss, Arnold Schonberg, Anton Webern and the other contemporary great musicians, and also with masters like Peter Behrens, Bruno Paul and Mustio. Ibach’s family’s influence wasn’t limited to a specific land anymore, they had stolen the world heart. Ibach’s name was destined to resonates through history due to family member endeavors.

As the 200th year anniversary celebration of the company is held, we are seeing both originality and art. it looks like a mesmerizing sunrise and a rare phenomenon which resembles a miracle in 20th century. Seven diligent generation has worked to bring you what you had in mind. Like a creation tree which induce inspiration and beauty. As a well-known company which has its roots in music history Ibach has progressed in line with technology and has the honor of possessing the most modern ways of production. applying the most modern technologies and working with skillful experts and designers, Ibach has bestowed the highest quality on you over years.

We are determined to maintain this magnificent heritage of invaluable intellectual experience in musical instrument industry which has gone hand in hand with art, originality and technology.

What We Do

Our Values

Having a great history in the industry and being innovative, we want to declare we could help you feel the enthralling sense of art beneath your fingers. Ibach is not just a brand. our motto of which we are proud is offering you originality and art.


Two centuries ago Ibach had just one workshop and we initiate this craft with the simplest instruments, though at the present time we utilize the latest and most progressive technologies from hardware to software. We work with the most prestigious and professional brands so that the music soul could resonates in your home.


The art world has created this opportunity for humankind to touch masterpiece of music heartily. We tried and will try harder to participate in the creation of this beauty along with music lovers. Maybe Life which has its ups and downs be embodied in Ibach’s endeavor to retain its commitment to originality of art so that you could find deep relaxation by playing our pianos.


As a faithful companion We has made the art itself our role model while placing our enthusiasm in the piano’s keyboards to create some soothing and peaceful moments in your life. You could enjoy the liberating and warm effect of indulging yourself in music by trusting us. this is our art: the outburst of passion.


We have provided you with a little detail, what revealed about modern technology of design and produce of this instrument to us from the past. This instrument isn’t a fantastic article, it gives you compilation of the art of craftsmanship and proficiency of expert professors as a gift, and its piano. This is a holy purpose that we have achieved it after many years. Proficiency is our business.